Refoaming the system

"This issue [to reform Auroville's entry process] – which should have been a normal phase of changing and renewal of a policy – has become a winning and losing situation [...]
Yes, we could have insisted and we have no doubt this proposal would have gone through easily and if the present Entry Service did not accept it, the community could have asked them to step down and a new one formed to implement it  [...] 
Or the community could have imposed the present Entry Service to implement it. These are both nightmare scenarios and we did not wish to create neither of them." 
(Report of the Entry Task Force, a residents' initiative)

Now imagine a similar situation in any of the Western democracies.
Would a citizens' movement have the power to overthrow an administrative body just like this?
And if they had the power -- or any political party had it – would they step back from their demands on encountering strong objections?
Would anybody in a position of strength try to make an attempt to come to a consensus with the opposing forces, with the help of a facilitator?

Auroville surely needs reforms, revolutionary changes even, on all levels of public life. But if you asked me what's so special about this township, it is events like the above I would point at – people daring to live by a higher consciousness. Knowing that overpowering another will not create solutions, only conflict. Or, in more brash words, War doesn't decide who is right, just who is left.

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