Introducing myself to FB

I sat down to write a few lines about me in the "about you" section. Then I noticed there is nothing to tell. The beauty of cleaning the cow shed, the excitement of cataloging books, the joy of grinding away over a translation... the things that usually occupy me are both ordinary and special to me – but to whom else? Years ago, before... you know..., Auroville, I used to write lengthy essays into unheeded blogs. Now I find hardly any word worth uttering, and I really don't know who I am.

Nevertheless, having joined you here, I guess you do deserve a few sentences.
I came to this place in order to find out whether another way is possible (well, surprise, it is). I needed to look into a few questions, call them the 'VIQs' in life, and I needed to do it way deeper than before, up to the point where things are put into practice (check √). And I found that Auroville – AV, for short – is a paradise for those seeking the hell of doing just this, and that it is a hell to those looking for a paradise to rest their aching souls.

I picked up work in a farm where there are cows and chickens to be looked after. I do love the beasts; sometimes they even love me back. There is a rich diversity of other stuff to do, like general clearing and cleaning, typical garden work, construction related tasks, administrative jobs. Keeps it interesting for three friends and me.

The public library here provides another field of work: selecting, classifying, cataloging, and ordering books, a collection of already 40,000 volumes from all fields of knowledge and entertainment.

And then there is translation which, over the years, evolved from occasional small jobs to... books.

None of these activities are done for a living. Thanks to AV's framework I am able to offer my time for free, as a service, a gift, a meditation. I am doing things because they need to be done, they should be done, and because I can;
Now if you find that odd or unbelievable, give me 100 Rupees and I'll tell you about the horrors of having to earn money.

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