Sorry, there was too much to do and too little time left

If I was humanity embodied, the decent thing to do was to shut down civilization immediately. I'd stop all production except for food, clothing and electricity. Gas, coal and oil were to be delivered in quantities just enough to regulate inhouse temperatures and allow for food preparation. And I'd launch two ten-year clean-up programs.
If I was humanity embodied, first and foremost there'd be a program for getting rid of radioactive substances. All bombs capable of leaving Earth's gravity were to be shot into the Sun. The others would join all the radiocative fuel rods currently in use, and those discarded. All nuclear power plants would have to be shut down. Deep holes would have to be dug into the Earth's crust, in places where plates are slipping underneath other plates, so that, over extended periods of time, the material would end up in Earth's interior.
If I was humanity embodied, the second clean-up were of more general nature, collecting all the garbage all over the Earth's surface in order to store it underground as well. We'd deposit the raw material of diamonds, coal and crude oil of the future, and rebeautify the landscape.
If I was humanity embodied, I'd leave a message to posterity, apologizing for the mess still left.
If I was humanity embodied, the decent thing to do was to then go into retreat and think about how to continue from there on – those who'd have survived the shutdown. Though it is not unlikely that, by then, more supreme forces than ourselves would have chosen a path for us that'd look quite similar to the one we'll probably end up on through bypassing the programs anyway. Only we'd leave the world a better place.
If I was humanity embodied... for better or worse, I am not.

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