So the obituary for the Great Barrier Reef was premature, a failed attempt at alarmist satire. I find this rather distasteful with noteworthy real tragedy happening all over the planet. But this is almost beside the point. The reefs are treminal; the acidification of the oceans cannot be undone, the melting of ice caps, clathrates, and permafrost which heat up oceans and atmosphere ever further cannot be stopped and there is no sign that civilization is about to terminate its damaging activities anytime soon - not before global depletion brings it to a sudden halt.
I ask myself every day if there is still anything to be done, but no, it's simply time to stop extraction, production, consumption, manipulation, safeguarding, attempts at global control; not because that's somehow 'moral' but because there is no use in them any longer, at least not without a different perspective on life.

Let me repeat what I replied to someone's comment to the previous posting:
What I didn't emphasize here is the notion of acting without attachment, and acting from feeling connected to somebody or something, rather than acting from the standpoint of “we got to do something”, or “getting it under control” both of which are coming from fear, like the whole idea of civilization is. Even from a manipulative point of view, non-action sometimes is the right thing to do, like when you are caught in a patch of quicksand where each movement only makes you sink faster. This is of course counterintuitive to humans, but that's exactly what's required of us at this moment, I believe.
In a way I do recommend letting go of activism for a moment, before continuing from an aspiration that runs deeper than the desire to maintain the status quo. Maybe that takes rejection of 'doing' altogether, for a short period, - for me it did - though 'doing' is not a bad thing as such. It has no value in and of itself. Motivation counts, I guess is what I am trying to say.

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