The inauguration of Donald Duck

The tragicomic nature of Empire politics must have been explained, emphasized, and mourned thousands of times already since the (s)election of The Klutz as the new whig-of-state. Twenty years ago I swore to stay out of politics and for most part I managed to do just that; I never went to elections again, and I rarely ever comment on them. So, basically, I got nothing to add to the collective uproar... apart from this:

Don't despair. The Klutz will be the last to pot us. Empire as we know it will cease to exist within his first and final term.

Contribute to Empire's dismantlement by denying it your servitude.
Direct your love towards nature, serve life, give unconditionally, help your neighbour, build community!

In the words of Günter Eich –
Make sure that your hearts are not empty, when
others calculate on the emptiness of your hearts!
Do the unprofitable, sing the songs that they don't expect from your mouth!
Be defiant, be as sand, not grease in the machinery of the world!”

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