Poland caught the flu

From a recent newspaper article -

"We just want to heal our state from some sicknesses so that it may recover", said the foreign minister. The previous government had been following a leftist policy, "as if the world, similar to the Marxist idea, had to automatically develop into just one direction, a new mix of cultures and races, a world of bicycle drivers and vegetarians who invest in renewable energies alone and fight against all forms of religion." This had nothing to do with his country's values.

If it is true that for every force there is a counter force the number of muesli eaters out there must equal the size of a country already. Congratulations, everybody. The second Green Revolution seems to be well on its way


Notes on love in a Tamil family

Accidentally came across this great read of a while ago (written by Margaret Trawick) that helped me make sense of some of my own observations. It deepened the understanding that every culture exists of its own right, functions differently, has its own concepts, its own morality, and cannot be judged according to foreign standards, no matter how enchanted or upset one might feel about individual notions and events.


Alien encounters

“We cannot solve your problems; we cannot come to you or take you to some other world; we cannot teach you anything you are not ready to learn. All we can offer is the chance to communicate with other intelligent beings, to try to grasp something of the way we and other species experience our worlds, to share your own experiences with others who are eager to learn about them, and to know that you are not alone in the universe. If that is enough, we welcome you to the conversation between worlds." 
--John Michael Greer: Star's Reach

Belongs into any communication about what Auroville can and cannot do. Or anybody else, really.