About this blog

Since earliest childhood, there was an awareness of something going wrong with the world. So much fighting going on over meaningless things, for instance. I felt a certain kind of detachment from our society with its ever increasing background fear, yet I was unable to express it clearly as I did not see the relationship between all the bits of knowledge collected over time. I had neither clue nor plan how to free myself from the pain I always felt except, maybe, distract myself with endless amounts of entertainment. So when I started blogging in 2004, the outcome, with a few exceptions, was ordinary stuff, the trivial and the vain which most people tend to post. Some day, I thought, some person or event would come to stop the madness. With progress slowed down by hope, I was waiting, building lines of defense.

In the course of the financial crisis of late 2008, awareness suddenly turned to awakeness -- awakeness to the fact that no hero, no revolution would come. Ever. The person I was waiting for was me, and the revolution would take place within myself or not at all. And this totally overthrew the way I was looking at the world. The ordinary stuff vanished, along with much of the negativity, giving space to something way more beautiful: the development of the inner Self in Service to that which is Sacred.

"Mach was!?" (Do something!?) is dedicated to the new direction, both asking for action and questioning its virtue at the same time.

It is not about standing by hoping, but all about getting involved. While I am not suggesting you to adopt my view, you may regard me as a city guide showing you around, pointing at important places worth being discovered by you. I have stories to tell about those places but, well, like all stories they are subject to interpretation.

Apart from irregularly added new posts from August 2010 on, the blog also features some selected older 20six and LiveJournal entries which document how things fell into place for me. Glimpses of self-reflection, along with social criticism and pieces of poetry line up to highlight a few key notes in the beautiful gargle of background noise to the tune of which our lives are dancing in the streets.

The earlier entries have been written in German language. You can access the less numerous English texts which today make the majority of essays by clicking on the "english" label.

Final note: From time to time, I may come back to an entry in order to add further content, rephrase a sentence, or correct typos, while the entry's overall notion is being preserved or even made more clear.

Very last note: I am neither a member nor speaking in the name of the Swabian jazz-rock band Schwoißfuaß. I just feel inspired by their music, their lyrics, and their attitude. That's why I chose the title of their 1985 LP "Mach was!?" - which fits very well with the basic idea to this blog.