Recommended reading

Most of the sources below promote a systemic approach to our current problems, i.e. they are not about saving the whales or reforming democracy. They rather propose a radical shift in the way we live.

Anthropology & Ethnology
  • Don’t sleep, there are snakes. Life and language in the Amazonian jungle / Daniel L. Everett
  • The Tyranny of Words / Stuart Chase 
Collapsing consciously 
  • Person/Planet: The creative desintegration of industrial society / Theodore Roszak
Plants and animals
  • Earthlings -  If you can't stand this, go vegan.
Food and farming
  • Meat the truth - A talk about the impact of eating meat / Marianne Thieme
  • Letters on Yoga / Sri Aurobindo
  • A brief history of everything / Ken Wilber
  • Is there no other way? The search for a nonviolent future / Michael N. Nagler 
Intentional communes
  • Creating a life together: Practical tools to grow ecovillages and intentional communities / Diana Leafe Christian 
  • Findhorn - A spiritual ecovillage in Scotland since 1962, currently 450+ inhabitants. 
  • Las Gaviotas - Simple living in Vichada, Colombia. Founded 1971, currently 200 inhabitants.
  • Tamera - Large commune since 1978, in current place (S Portugal) since 1995. ~250 inhabitants.
  • Twin Oaks Community - A Walden II derivate ecovillage of 100 people in Virginia, USA; since 1967.
Climate Change
  • Extinction dialogs: How to live with death in mind / Carolyn Baker & Guy McPherson