Recommended reading

Most of the sources below promote a systemic approach to our current problems, i.e. they are not about saving the whales or reforming democracy. They rather propose a radical shift in the way we live. Be free to return once in a while, as the list will grow over time.
Where German titles are given first, the English version follows in brackets.

Analysis and criticism of the status quo
There is a difference between negativity and critisism. Critisism comes from rational reflection on reality. It is not just an expression of disapproval. Critisism is the basis of betterment of the critisised object. Before acting upon those objects you have to find the nature of the problem and possible causes.

Anthropological views:
Economic views:
Arithmetic views:
Linguistic view: 
  • The Tyranny of Words / Stuart Chase 
Sociological view:
  • Das Ende der Zivilisation: Über soziale Entropie und kollektive Selbstzerstörung / Manfred Wöhlcke 
Convergence of crises:  

Changing society
Our societies and its institutions are not god-given. They are man-made and can be changed. In fact, that happened constantly throughout millenia.

Changing behaviour
Often times, by acting out of ignorance, indifference or ruthlessness, we cause suffering to our fellow beings and produce problems in our own future.

Changing mind / Spirituality
Our behaviour is always an expression of our thoughts and deepest values. Changing thought leads to different ways of behaviour. Awakening fully makes us act from compassion.

Sustainable communities
  • Creating a life together: Practical tools to grow ecovillages and intentional communities / Diana Leafe Christian 
  • Garbage Warrior / Michael Reynolds  
  • Introduction to Permaculture Design / Geoff Lawton 
  • Auroville - a universal city in the making - A real township in India based on the principles of Sri Aurobindo. Founded in 1968, now 2500+ inhabitants. 
  • Community Planet Foundation - John Reed promoting sustainable living in small towns of 500 inhabitants. 
  • Findhorn - A spiritual ecovillage in Scotland since 1962, currently 450+ inhabitants. 
  • Las Gaviotas - Simple living in Vichada, Colombia. Founded 1971, currently 200 inhabitants.
  • Los Horcones - Walden II community in Sonora, Mexico; since 1973. 50+ inhabitants.
  • Tamera - Large commune since 1978, in current place (S Portugal) since 1995. ~250 inhabitants.
  • Twin Oaks Community - A Walden II derivate ecovillage of 100 people in Virginia, USA; since 1967.

On behalf of life
  • Answers to Ecology - Information about ecology and the ecosystem around us
  • Meat the truth - A talk about the impact of eating meat / Marianne Thieme
  • Earthlings -  If you can't stand this, go vegan.
  • The Secret Life of Plants - They may be slow...
  • As the World Burns. 50 simple things you can do to stay in denial / Derrick Jensen & Stephanie McMillan - A graphic novel on the state of affairs and an urgent call for action. 
Climate Change
Other interesting stuff
  • Das glücklichste Volk. Sieben Jahre bei den Pirahã-Indianern am Amazonas. (Don’t sleep, there are snakes. Life and language in the Amazonian jungle) / Daniel L. Everett - A lecture in diversity tought by the Pirahã culture.
  • Inside Job - This film delivers a detailed analysis of the financial crash in 2008.